Plan with me using Create 365 happy planner

I have recently decided to use a planner to budget and plan my meals a head of time.
I used to keep all of my bills on a schedule using a planner but fell of the wagon about a year ago.
Along the way I discovered the Create 365 planner by MMBI.
Of course I was super excited as I love to make scrapbook as well as just being crafty.
So I purchased the big planner from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon code and got a few packs of stickers and an expence planner at Michaels as they had 40% off all planner supplies.
So far I have created 2 weeks I have been using Cricut design space and my Cricut print then cut feature to create my layouts.
Week 1 I did a whimsical them and week 2 I did a theme based on the 4th of July. I chose to go with pinup and all the girls I found are wearing red, white and blue. I think both themes came out super adorable.
Im currently working a tutorial showing how to use png's to make stickers with your Cricut. 
I tried out the printable sticker paper on week 1 and the vinyl printable week 2. 
My opinion I like the vinyl printable is thin like a sticker and is easy to peal from the paper cuts all the way on its setting no issues.
Here is how I'm setting up my planner on the full month view every payday I write down what bills are due so I can spread them out.
on the weekly pages I write down whats for dinner ahead of time so when I go to the store I only buy what I'm making. 
also on the weekly pages I write down things I need to do or buy upcoming events etc.
Then I took my expence planner and put each section behind its monthly tab.
Here I can keep track of all my bills due on one sheet and how much.
The next page I can write down all of my transactions.
The last page it will break it all down spending vs income to see where we need to make adjustments.
I hope this is all making since I have also wrote down a few goals as well.
My anniversary is on the 4th of July so I added a photo from 2011 a year before we got married using my Hp sprocket I bought from HSN.

 Thank you for reading I would really appreciate if you would follow me a come check out my page again of new posts. Have a Happy 4th. Crystal

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