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Plan with me using Create 365 happy planner

I have recently decided to use a planner to budget and plan my meals a head of time. I used to keep all of my bills on a schedule using a planner but fell of the wagon about a year ago. Along the way I discovered the Create 365 planner by MMBI. Of course I was super excited as I love to make scrapbook as well as just being crafty. So I purchased the big planner from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon code and got a few packs of stickers and an expence planner at Michaels as they had 40% off all planner supplies. So far I have created 2 weeks I have been using Cricut design space and my Cricut print then cut feature to create my layouts. Week 1 I did a whimsical them and week 2 I did a theme based on the 4th of July. I chose to go with pinup and all the girls I found are wearing red, white and blue. I think both themes came out super adorable. Im currently working a tutorial showing how to use png's to make stickers with your Cricut.  I tried out the printable sticker paper on week…